About Us

We play matches on a Friday night from 7:30pm until 10pm at Dr. Challoner's Girls School in Little Chalfont. We compete in the local Chalfont and District Badminton Association League and the Wycombe and District Association Badminton League.

We currently have 1 mixed team, 2 medley teams, 3 men's teams and 1 Ladies team entered into the Chalfont and Wycombe leagues. We are a very competitive club in the leagues and have done well in the league and cup in recent years. We were successful in the Chalfont and District Knockout Cup  this year, 2015/2016, beating Dragons in the final by a considerable margin.

Although competitive we are a very friendly club and arrange social events throughout the year, which are  well supported. We  have a club cup  competition which is played every year towards the end of the badminton season. It is a very popular and enjoyable evening organised  and run by one of our members. It is handicapped to give all members a chance and is great fun. It was won this year by Alex and Lisa.

We  play in a recently refurbished hall with a new floor and, thanks to the support of Badminton England walls that are more badminton friendly . These improvements have been appreciated by both members and visiting teams.


If you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact us through the form on the contact us page

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Chiltern Feathers Badminton Club is an adult badminton club for ages 16 plus based in the middle of the Chiltern hills, in the town of Little Chalfont, playing every Tuesday evening from 7:30pm until 10pm.